JLP Meats Products

The products menu will take you through multiple vast catalogues of meats, used in local and foreign cuisine alike. Thanks to our long list of trusted foreign and local suppliers, you can find prime ingredients for specialities from all over the globe along with your standard, day-to-day cooking meat.

JLP Meats allows you to dive into the wonderful world of fresh and tasty beef, poultry, lamb, pork and charcuterie. Should you require help or specific information, you can contact the JLP Meats experts. Any and all meat products, sold by JLP Meats certified and fully traceable.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Should you find our list lacking your meat products of choice, do not despair! Give JLP Meats a call and our experts will do everything possible to get you the meat you need. And who knows, next time you visit our website, your meat of choice might already be featured in the JLP Meats product list