JLP Meats was founded over 5 years ago, in London. During this time, our team has worked hard to establish invaluable connections to various meat suppliers over the world, in an attempt to deliver only the best meat to our clients.

Recently, our company site has been adapted to a cutting plant. The addition of this in-house cutting plant ended up being crucial in the expansion of our business. Now, our clients can have the fresh, high-quality meat that they’re used to getting from us, custom tailored to their business needs by our experts.

JLP Meats takes great pride in the fact that it is a small, relatively young company, which manages to keep a personal and attentive relationship with its clients.

Over the last few years, our hard work has allowed us to establish JLP Meats as one of the most reputable meat suppliers in the area, offering top-quality meat at stable and competitive prices.

Thanks to the aforementioned cutting plant, our services have long surpassed the borders, holding most suppliers back. Each and every one of our clients gets a chance to enjoy tailor-made products, designed specifically for their business.

Among our customers there is a wide variety of British, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian and Latin American restaurants, butchers, grocery shops and other meat retailers alike.

Each and every one of our products come from a highly reputable selection of local (British Red Tractor and Irish) and South American Prime Beef meat producers (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay) alike who guarantee full traceability of their products. Recently a couple of Australian and New Zealand suppliers have joined our list of trusted meat sources.